THE TRAINING MASTERS is the premiere nation-wide training company for HPLC and IR Spectral Interpretation. The Training Masters strives to provide superior scientific education through practical and effective teaching methods and materials. Students can obtain training by registering for classes scheduled for their local area, or requesting an in-house class. Financial access to The Training Masters classes is guaranteed through competitive per student prices, buttressed by a number of discount options. We look forward to seeing you in one of our classes, and welcome feedback on how our company can better serve you and the greater scientific community.

  Dr. Ray Wong  

DR. RAYMAN WONG earned his B.S in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology, and his Ph.D in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles. In his tenure as a research scientist at Stauffer Chemical Company, his studies in the discovery of new pesticides and herbicides resulted in 15 U.S. Patents. While senior scientist at Bio Rad Laboratories, he was one of the pioneers in the application of solid-phase NMR techniques for the structural characterization of new synthetic column packing materials for HPLC. In the role of worldwide manager of training at Bio Rad, his responsibilities extended to include training in electrophoresis and molecular biology. Finally, with Waters Corporation, Dr. Wong has spent 10 years training and supporting the separations community in all facets of HPLC chemistries, techniques and software. His scientific accomplishments aside, his greatest gift is his ability to make complicated scientific concepts seem amazingly simple. . .just like magic!


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